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Lend us your imagination for a moment...

Upon entering St Pete Community Oasis, you're immediately greeted by delicious, locally-crafted desserts and you pick out a cupcake before making your way to the Community Cafe counter to order a portabella quesadilla. You also grab a delicious and relaxing tea from InVision Creative Cafe, while scoping out the other local vendors to decide what to have later.

You sit down on a comfy couch, plug in your laptop, and start your paper. The environment is so comfy and you're incredibly productive, so you're halfway done when you overhear an interesting conversation at the next seating area over. You chime in, and soon realize you know a lot of the same people as they do. You exchange information and you're super excited to hang out with them again! They leave, and you finish your paper and put your laptop away. You still have a half hour before your friends are meeting you, so you get up and peruse the local retail business, as well as the local art on the wall. You find a great necklace for your girlfriend, which is perfect because her birthday is only a month away!

Your friends start trickling in around the same time as the band is setting up in the back, so you all order meals or desserts, coffees or teas, beer or wine, then settle in for the music. You've seen this local band play here before, and they were fantastic, so you're looking forward to your friends hearing your new favorite. They love it, of course, and can't stop talking about it as you end the night playing Cards Against Humanity. You say goodnight to your friends, and remind two of them that you'll see them here tomorrow to study together. There's also an LGBTQ+ themed art show tomorrow night, so you'll probably stick around for that too. St Pete Community Oasis is basically your home now, and you are overwhelmed with finding that sense of community that you were longing for.


We are currently seeking community-oriented local businesses to join us at St Pete CO.

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